29 February, 2016 23:00

All –

Anything that has been written prior to this note was not actually authored by me, but very kindly done by my parents with the best of intentions. It has apparently been about a week now since the big accident even though it feels to me as though I just barely sent my last weekly email and then had a lovely dinner with the Green family here in Ohio before leaving for an evening of full other appointments (the original plan for last Monday before the accident).

Since then…well I’m guessing my parents have provided some detail on that, more than I am aware of most likely -I remember very little. I am lucky to feel as good as I do I think, having seen pictures of the car and hearing about some of what Sis. M is dealing with health-wise. I feel pretty tired, a little bruised, but mostly just kind of diconnected from what is real and what isn’t. I can’t decide if my missionary experience is the dream, or if the last week and having parents and being touch (sort of) with more people from outside Oohio is the dream, or how on earth all of this makes any sense with what I remember from where I was at this time last year. But mostly I’m really, really grateful for all tha incredible people I have ghe pirveileGe of knowing, many of whom are invaulable additions through my time in Ohio (residents here, and other missionaries). I’m told I’m not quite keeping up with the happenings as well as I should be yet, and my energy isn’t very high, but all-in-all I feel good, grateful for every minute of everything I’ve experienced and, as far as I am aware, no long-term negative isssues are expected. Rest and reconnecting is all I have on my immediate docket, the next steps in life will be determined as time goes by. Looking forward to staying in touch with everyone though! (Sorry if I’m even harder to follow in these emails than normal- feel free to email my parents too if i’m not answering well enough- wmbwest and lisa.thewests).


8 thoughts on “29 February, 2016 23:00

  1. Sister West, you don’t know me, but I linked to your blog through the Missionary Mom’s Facebook page. I just finished reading your dad’s blog post and have been bawling for the past 20 minutes. What an faith-building and inspirational story! Your experiences with all of this have affected people from literally around the entire world. It is obvious you are so loved by so very many, including your Father in Heaven.

    My daughter is currently serving a mission in the France Paris mission, and her companion right now is a girl from Reunion Island (just east of Madagascar). Her name is Sister Clain and she is being trained by my daughter while she waits for her visa to go through so that she can actually go to the mission that she was REALLY called to…which is YOUR mission!! Her visa is scheduled to go through mid-March. She is adorable. You will have to look out for her!!

    You and your family, and your sweet companion, Sister Morrison, are in our prayers.


  2. I so appreciate your updates. My daughter Sarah and I own a little quilt shop that is now located in the Shaker Ward. For the past five plus years we have had the pleasure of being a gathering place for the Sisters in the area to come help us sew pillowcases for kiddos staying in area hospitals. I first heard about your accident from a recently returned Sister on facebook and have been praying for you and Sister Morrison since. Sarah has been busy creating pillowcases for the two of you and we will be sure to find you to make sure you receive it. In the meantime, please know that there are many, many followers in our quilting and Down syndrome world that are praying for a very speedy and full recovery.


  3. Dearest Jen,
    I too am so thankful you are doing so well! I truly LOVE reading your letters. They are so honest and sincere. I look forward to reading your thoughts and enjoy your “quotes of the week”. So many times in life thjngs are so hard and I am thankful this is looking to be the best possible outcome for you and your family.
    Love, Vickie Twede


  4. Not surprised, but so happy to hear people you’ve served appreciate your gifts to them. You just keep getting better and better, Jenn. Now, just keep getting “better and better” as you heal. Love you.


  5. Sister West, I don’t know if you remember me from Sister Blacks house. You helped me to draw together my paper for my Christian Theology Class; which I got an A on. I am grateful that I met you and have been praying for both of you Sisters. I believe in miracles, and I know that God watches over you! The speed of your recovery is a miracle!


  6. So glad you are ok! You scared me! Apparently you no longer need an ‘exit strategy’. So happy you are on the mend! Love you!

    Rian Jensen TKJ


  7. Jen, thank you for this note! You sound really good to me! We have been praying for you in every prayer every day and will continue to do so. We love you with all of our hearts! You are amazing and will conquer this challenge! Love Holly


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