The Short Story – from Jennifer

The follow is a message that Jennifer asked me to write:

I am grateful for your love and prayers.  I want you to know that I am alive and well, but not yet up to writing letters.  I apologize for not being very communicative, but would love to hear from you.  While we are uncertain about what is next in life for me, I’m most grateful for the relationships both at home and in Ohio which I will continue to cherish and nurture no matter what.


4 thoughts on “The Short Story – from Jennifer

  1. Jenn!

    I am so glad and relieved to hear you are doing well and having a miraculous recovery!! Annique started a Facebook thread on Tuesday with all of our friends and we have been sharing updates on there about you and your companion. We have all been praying and fasting for you! I’m glad that your dad has been able to be there with you this whole time. I know it meant so much to Shayna when he visited the sisters in Ukraine and took them to lunch!

    I have loved reading your weekly emails. I know you are an amazing missionary who has already blessed the lives of so many! And I know I suck at writing missionaries so sorry about that!

    Friday was my last day working at the harp store. I’m excited for this new (and scary) phase of my life – motherhood! My due date is March 11 so baby could technically come any day now. My mom was really hoping she would be born on leap day (tomorrow) but I would be really surprised if that actually happened.

    You are a great example to me and a great friend!

    Love Melanie

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  2. Jen,
    I’m so happy to hear you are on the road to recovery. I have grown through your writings and sense of humor and it’s so good to know that you are going to be okay! Love and miss you. Michele


  3. Jen:
    I am so happy to hear you are doing better. We have been praying for you every day. We love you and your family!!! I knew you were a fighter!!!! God Bless

    Sandy Adamson


  4. So glad you are doing better. I have worried about and prayed for you all week. So thankful you have been making such amazing progress! One day at a time! We love you!

    Thank your Dad for the detailed post- I wanted the long story!

    Rian Jensen TKJ


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